Jupiter Education Services is a team of technical & analytical enthusiasts that have been through the journey of counseling students and families in finding the right college through a combination of research & data-driven analysis since 2018.


Rajesh is a consummate technologist and a customer success professional.

Rajesh is a Managing partner and serves as a Principal Educational Consultant at Jupiter. Rajesh has been counseling since 2019 involving himself with all aspects of college admissions – from high school course recommendations to college selection to financial aid counseling. Rajesh helps clients manage a stress-free application process and he has counseled students across Asia, the middle east and Americas with outstanding results. Rajesh also manages Jupiter’s alliances & partnerships with college admissions office and professors.

Rajesh holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Bangalore University and an M.B.A in Global Management from Babson College, USA.


Mari serves in the capacity of Educational Consultant at Jupiter. Mari started out in technology and brings her flair for teaching, coaching and counseling to help students with career & admissions advisement at Jupiter. Mari does content /course development, college research and is also involved in Jupiter’s community outreach / volunteer programs helping students add vital skills in their resume.

Mari holds a Masters in Computer Science from Sonoma State (USA), and a Bachelors in Engineering from Sathyabama University (India).


Nanda is an Embedded systems technologist and a Product Management professional.

Nanda is a Managing partner and serves as a Principal Educational Consultant at Jupiter. Nanda has been counseling students (and parents) since 2018 and involves himself with all aspects of college admissions. Nanda also manages the Operations & Governance at Jupiter. Nanda helped Jupiter earn the prestigious IACAC (International Association for College Admission Counseling) accreditation and regularly participates in conferences.

Nanda holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Bangalore University.


Aditi is a current student at Harvard University in the class of 2026.

Aditi serves as an essay and application consultant at Jupiter. Aditi has firsthand experience applying to the top schools in the United States and has been working to help others in doing so ever since she finished high school. Specifically, she works with students to brainstorm essay ideas, edit essays, and polish overall applications.

Aditi plans on attending law school after graduating from Harvard.

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