Our Approach

Critical evaluation of college admission criteria based on data!

The How ?

  • Analyzed and created curated data sets to help secure the best admissions and scholarships/grants chances
  • Developed a proprietary framework called D.I.S.C* – Decisions based on Interest, Success-factors and Cost
  • Went through the college application process for 100+ colleges since 2017/18
  • Passionately researched numerous papers, articles, blogs over a 24-36 month period to understand college financial aid nuances.
  • We will personally engage & advise throughout the process – from the time the college list is prepared to the time guidance is required for “appeal” (if at all)

The “Traditional” College Counselor

College counselors offer a wide range of services to families of students seeking to enroll in college. These services vary depending on when the counselor is hired. For students in high school, college counseling is very important. Together, the counselor and the student can work on each application. Some college counselors help students prepare for the SAT or the ACT test directly through tutoring; even if your counselor doesn’t offer that service, they can probably recommend a reputable tutor for you. Counselors can also offer advice on all stages of your admissions essays. They can help you select a compelling topic, point out weaknesses in your essays, proofread for any spelling or grammar errors, and provide general editorial support for each of your essays.

Finding a College Counselor to Fit Your Needs

You can begin your search for the ideal college counselor for your family’s situation by asking for recommendations from family and friends. Students who successfully got into their desired college with the help of a counselor can tell you more about their own experience in the process.

Carefully researching potential college counselors can ensure that you get your money’s worth and improve your child’s chances of getting into their desired school. Begin your search by looking for counselors with solid experience in the field. In the US, often, the counselors have spent time as a college admissions officer before deciding to become an admissions counselor. This type of experience gives counselors firsthand knowledge of what colleges are seeking in prospective students and can give you quality pointers on your application. The educational achievements and certifications that a counselor holds are also important. Some college counselors become certified by the American Institute of Certified Educational Planners. This college counseling certificate requires a number of accomplishments, including earning a master’s degree, passing a test and fulfilling visiting requirements at universities and colleges. College counselors can also earn advanced certificates from universities that offer their own classes in college counseling. You may also want to consider looking for a counselor that belongs to reputable organizations, such as the National Association for College Admission Counseling.

Getting into a good college can be hard, but it’s possible to get into the school of dreams with proper preparation and good advice. Consulting an independent college counselor can help with all aspects of the college application process, from test preparation to school selection. Seeking the services of experts such as the college education consultants at Jupiter Education can be that difference between a right and a wrong college decision.

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